My NID presentation is twice as long as it needs to be :-0

Having presented my NID paper to a trusted colleague, I discovered that the original presentation is one and one-half hours long — but I am slotted for forty-five minutes.  <huge sigh>

I had a feeling this might happen — I put everything I wanted into the first draft, including the kitchen sink, so to speak.  The result is seventeen pages, single-spaced, of what I hope is fast-moving and contains compelling new information about just what happened to the limo after the assassination and why.  But there are a couple of areas that need to be developed — one is the prevalence of disinfo in limo lore.  Another interesting area is a comparison of misinfo to disinfo — misinfo being false information unwittingly put forward; disinfo being a deliberate use of known false information.  So, while other areas are trimmed and culled, this one will be expanded and developed, as it is virtually impossible to understand what actually happened to the limo without being able to id disinfo and misinfo.

So, out comes my highlighter, pen and pencil.  Chop chop chop, rework, trim, ho hum…I may decide to put some of the most salient eliminated discussions onto Youtube and link them from IBD.  The first one is an explanation of how I happened to get involved in the JFK assassination — that is somewhat offbeat.  Another is the saga involved in my viewing a copy of the Zapruder film in NYC in 1964.  A third is a detailed timeline of the early events involving the limo.  Some of this is already at IBD.  Some of it is common knowledge.  But to understand the script that I hope to demonstrate was in place, the entire timeline gives the best possible perspective.  

Just the same, I will refine and trim everything to point to the new research in the area of what happened to the limousine from early November to December 1963.  I doubt that anyone experiencing this will ever think of the assassination in quite the same way again.



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