Here we are in Dallas…

We have had a quiet day, mostly revising my presentation and putting the finishing touches on the powerpoint presentation.  We are at the Adolphus Hotel, which seems to be a gathering place, not only for JFKLancer, but for a lot of foreign media (well, they are speaking languages I don’t know and wearing tags :-0).

Just given a heads-up that my slot has been switched with William Law, as he has scheduling issues (and I don’t).  So will present Saturday afternoon instead.  That is just fine with me, as it will leave Friday less hectic.  Unfortunately, the weather on Friday is supposed to be awful.  Perhaps that will be some sort of justice for all those involved in commandeering Dealey Plaza and making it almost impossible for those who are usually able to pay their respects on that day to do so.  But this is the 50th after all, and it is an event that affects everyone around the world, so we will certainly roll with it.

The Adolphus is certainly opulent, but, as befitting its high rank, it doesn’t have much for the common people — no fridge, no microwave, no laundry room.  Oh well…:-0


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