MB2B – Exhibit 23

MB2B - Exhibit 23

CE 350 close-up of damage to the windshield of SS100X; FBI photo taken during exam 11.23.63


3 thoughts on “MB2B – Exhibit 23

  1. This is interesting but is there any evidence as to which way the shot hit the windscreen? Was it from the rear indicating a shot from the TSB or the Daltex building or from the front, indicating a shot from the overpass or grassy knoll area?

    • Not really. FBI SA Robert Frazier who headed the team that did the forensic exam on the limo after the SS had held it for over twelve hours said that there was metallic residue on the inside of the windshield, indicating that the shot came from the rear. For anything more specific, it is hard to tell, as the WC reenactment only focused on being able to duplicate what they claimed was LHO’s shot from the SN of the TSBD. There is a bit more in the DC program ITTC, which I was involved with, but they too only tried to duplicate the LHO/SN shot.

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