Unprecedented and unauthorized early viewing of a copy of the Zapruder film — EF reply to KD

Apparently you are not at this point in time yet able to keep an open door to the possibility of a lack of containment of the Z-film(s).  Ironically, even Dan Rather, who is a firm WC defender, is not one of those who denies that any Time-Life executive who wanted a copy of a Z-film could have it sent to their office. This lack of containment, much less the lack of provenance, is obviously an emotional issue for some people.  You are not alone.  Tink Thompson, who worked at Time-Life in the 60’s, was apparently unaware of what was going on behind their closed doors.  David Lifton, who lived in LA at the time, seems to find it *impossible* that anyone saw the Z-film(s) in any other place but at NARA.

I was even hesitant to include this discussion of my viewing a copy of the Z-film(s) in Midnight Blue to Black, as I was concerned that it might detract from my focus on the limo.  However, it is essential to my thesis, which is that deliberate disinfo was put out about significant areas of the assassination in order to throw the public off the scent.  The rumours and stories about the limo are at the core of this practice, but it extends throughout virtually all the areas of the assassination.  Was the autopsy really just a ‘Little Shop of Horrors?’  DId the SS actually sanitize the limo before turning it over to the FBI?  How could LHO *act alone* even if he did fire the shots when he set off alarms in the intelligence agencies of three different countries prior to the assassination?  Was there really no “SBT”, but instead, just a series of SBT scenarios?

If anyone wants to get to the heart of what happened in Dallas, is it not necessary to be able to question every comforting statement the govt tells us and look for the truth underneath the disinfo?  Otherwise, why not just read a good novel and forget about how grisly the real world of the JFK assassination can be?  :-0



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