Was there a bullet hole in the floorpan of SS100X? reply to AM at aaj…

(Referencing US News and World Report article “…Latest on the Assassination”, p. 28 of December 30, 1963 issue, distributed December 23rd)

AM asked:

> >>>> How about the hole in the floor?
> >>
> >>>
> >>
PB> >>> What ‘hole in the floor’? Robert Frazier didn’t see one. Vaughn Ferguson didn’t mention one. How do you know that is not disinfo?

AM> >> That’s why I asked you. The one which was reported in US News and World
> >> Report and in SS documents.
> >
PB> > I have that issue. That is probably deliberate disinfo.

AM> Why? Explain why the repair crew would make up a hole in the floor.

There are so many rumours and myths about what happened to the limo, it is difficult to keep track of them. Some of the rumours came out of Dearborn and others from H+E. This art references Dearborn, which means FMC, not Cincinatti Ohio, which is where H+E is located. There is no source, nor is there definition to what a ‘report’ means. There is no person named. There are no details. This wafting of information makes me suspicious that this may be deliberate disinfo.

The wording of the USNWR art seems cagey to me — “What could account for the apparent bullet hole in the windshield of the late President’s car? Was there a bullet hole in the floor of the car as well?” And then, “A report out of Detroit, where the presidential car was sent to be armor-plated, mentions also “what appears to be a bullet hole in the floor pan of the car.” p.28

The statement is confusing and inaccurate. It was at Dearborn, at the Experimental Garage, that SS100X was built and maintained. It was at H+E in Ohio where it was ‘armor-plated’.

The mag article does what many other articles at the level of the press do — it seems to strive to create an aura of mystery and conspiracy, perhaps intended to throw the public off. In my presentation I reference just two of the numerous articles about the limo that hint at mystery and conspiracy. They are probably just disinfo, deliberately inserted at the level of the press. This may have been as well.

Just the same, I will continue to look for the source for this “report” out of Dearborn.

Pamela Brown


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