Reply to aaj on false story regarding replacing the windshield of SS100X…

MFT said:>
> The limousine story is within this video told by Weldon, and it begins
> at 11:30. 

Not everything you see on the internet is true. :-0

Why would anyone beam an 8K limo to an assembly plant at the Rouge in order to have a windshield replaced?

Because Mr. Whitaker thought it was a ‘special’ windshield that he had to make. He thought 100X had a bulletproof windshield. But that is false. on 11.22.63 SS100X had an ordinary two-ply Lincoln windshield. It could have been replaced anywhere, even while the limo was sitting in the C130 at Love Field. There was a Lincoln dealership on Stemmons Freeway. They could have brought a windshield to the C130 and installed it then. They had plenty of time. SS100X arrived at Love Field at about 1:15. The plane did not leave until 3:30.


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