Significance of the suppression of the Ferguson Memo by NARA…aaj reply to AM


When it comes to the limo, establishing credentials is the first step for me. That has evolved as a result of all the people who have shared with me their ‘special’ story about the limo and where it was after the assassination. It would have to have been flying around like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve for all of those wild tales to be true.

As time passes, I am increasingly confident that the reason the Ferguson memo was still being suppressed when I was sent it by accident is that it provides definition to what actually did happen to the limo after the assassination, making it less likely for CT researchers to go around in circles, which everyone had been doing until I published it. Some, like Weldon and Fetzer, tried to defy the contents, but at least there has been more clarity than there was before. And now, I think, with the addition of Ferguson’s letter regarding the pieces of back seat bloody leather that went up for auction, as well as his statements to his family, we have a solid timeline of the limo events, at least up to December 2nd, when the new carpeting was installed in the rear of SS100X. And we do know that Ferguson drove the limo to the Experimental Garage in Dearborn and then to H+E in early December, under a cloak of secrecy and disinfo, which has continued to this day. So this is a big step forward, imo.

Pamela Brown


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