JFK Assassination Research and 1984…aaj reply

Chris seems to have it backward. When you see someone falling for an obvious hoax, what does one do? Nothing?

My preference is to give anyone who has been sucked in by disinfo information that they can use, if they choose, to amend their stance. There is a great deal of disinfo in JFK assassination research. For anyone who has read 1984, you will know that there is the Big Brother position (aka WC defender) and then there is also the Goldstein position (Fetzer). If you recall, Goldstein sucked in all the dissidents who were then turned over to Big Brother. In the case of the JFK assassination, what seems to happen is that those who fall for the lunatic fringe disinfo theories tend to become so discouraged that they give up all together and throw their hands in the air. Then, what is left for them? They are supposed to ‘see the light’ and come into the fold of the WC defenders.


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