A t+t bullet hole in the windshield? a bit more definition…aaj reply..

Chris needs to get his facts straight.
Dudman was at PH. He saw it in one spot.
Ellis was at PH. He saw it in another spot.
Freeman was at PH. He did not mention a spot.
Glanges was at PH. She did not mention a location.
These witnesses have objective documentation showing that they were indeed at PH while SS100X was there.
Prencipe said he went there, although it had nothing to do with his work, but had an unconvincing story. He mentioned yet another spot.
Whitaker has no documentation, so cannot be included as credible. Only he saw the hole in the spot where the ‘spiral nebulae’ was supposed to be.
Taylor drove the car from AAFB to the WHG. He mentioned a ‘hole’, without any details.
Frazier said he saw a ‘hole’ but with no perforation. So did Ferguson. You can see that defect in the Altgens 1-7 close-up
and CE350

The Altgens 1-6 photo issue was started by Fetzer long ago. He thought he saw a ‘spiral nebulae’. But in fact, it was an anomaly that occurred with some newspaper copies when the photo was quickly uploaded to the newswires. The NARA original shows no such hole. There is info on that at ss100x.com.


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