Did everyone want to be a witness to history, as Vaughn Ferguson actually was? aaj reply

If Chris had a base of reference of the environment at both FMC and H+E after the assassination, he might realize that everyone was shocked with SS100X being gutted for rebuild for LBJ. He might realize that there have been countless stories and ‘witnesses’, each of whom claim they saw the limo at the Experimental Garage (where it would have gone), Romulus MI, and H+E, to name just a few. Everyone seemed to sense that SS100X was the primary crime scene and it wasn’t being handled ethically. It was a great secret, talked about in hushed tones by just about everyone except Vaughn Ferguson, who, too, was extremely upset with what had happened to the limo. He talked to his colleages, and some of them were golf buddies when he came to Dearborn. Is it so unlikely that there were those who wanted to claim Ferguson’s experiences and concerns for themselves and place themselves at the center of the greatest conspiracy of the century?

Pamela Brown


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