More detail on what I mean by ‘disinfo’…aaj reply

When I talk about something that I consider disinfo, what I mean by that is that imo it is deliberately false information intended to lead the reader astray. In many cases, it will be vague, and in nearly all cases there will be no documentation for the statement.

So, you can, if you wish, test any statement that I call ‘disinfo’ by that equation and decide for yourself what to think. I sincerely apologize if I come across as trying to ‘tell you what to think.’ It is just that I have been through these rabbit trails for so many years with so many different people that sometimes I become frustrated when they can’t see something that is, to me, blatantly obvious.

An example of what I can disinfo is the statement that “six people saw a hole in the windshield”. It implies that they all were valid witnesses and that they all saw the same thing in the same place. That is false. Anyone who tries to move forward with that statement will go around in circles until they become uncomfortable, and then will likely try to attack anyone who provides them with the information that has been concealed.

If I am providing info and references, I consider that information that you can weigh and evaluate.

Hope this helps,



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