MB2B — a shroud of secrecy and disinfo covered the limo from PH on…aaj reply

If there were an assassination script, of sorts, where the conspirators agreed on certain things prior to the assassination and then followed through afterward, and, as I say in MB2B, one of the axioms was ‘don’t hurt the limo’ with the corollary, ‘plant ideas consistent with shots from a lone-nut assassin with a cheap rifle’ we might gain new insight into both what happened at PH, at AAFB, and from then until the rebuild. If we view with objectivity the little blips of disinfo that appear in the press, such as the ‘hole in the windshield’, a possible ‘hole in the floorboard’, etc etc, we can see that these things are dangled to try to entice even the most objective CT to *believe* just one.


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