Santa Claus limo — Carl Renas story…

In TRAUMA ROOM ONE, by Charles Crenshaw, 2001, p. 81:

Three days after the assassination, Carl Renas, head of security for the Dearborn Division of the Ford Motor Company, drives the presidential limousine, helicopters hovering overhead, from Washington to Cincinnati. In doing so, he noted several bullet holes; the most notable being the one in the windshield’s chrome molding strip which he said was clearly a “primary strike” and “not a fragment”.

The limousine was taken by Renas to Hess and Eisenhart in Cincinnati where the chrome molding was replaced.

The Secret Service told Renas to “Keep his mouth shut.”

Renas recalls thinking at the time, “Something is wrong.”

There is no cite for this story. Based on existing documentation it is clearly disinfo.

Pamela Brown


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