Deliberate disinfo plus rumours and stories re the limo aaj reply…

It is my thinking at this point that the shroud of secrecy and disinfo that I discussed in MB2B was done deliberately by the govt using the press to plant ideas about damage and whereabouts without any corroboration enabled them to move the limo around. Subsequent to that, many stories evolved, especially around areas in MI and OH where the common people who worked at FMC or H+E knew there was something rotten. So the two are, in a sense, connected, but the govt didn’t do all the work. The basic issues ‘a hole in the windshield’, ‘a hole in the floorpan’, where the limo was on what date, I think did come initially from the govt. Anything that appears in the mainstream press during the weeks immediately following the assassination I would call the initial govt disinfo. The stories that follow later based on them are also disinfo to the extent that they are repeated as though they are ‘true’.

Pamela Brown
Midnight Blue to Black…


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