More on disinfo and the limo…aaj reply

I discussed the need for determining what is disinfo, or misinfo v actual information in MB2B, Sandy. That is hardly a secret. I don’t think anyone can grasp what actually happened with the limo without being able to separate out the disinfo, which included little rabbit trails planted in the mainstream press.

I also discussed the shroud of secrecy and disinfo that I believed covered the limo at least from PH through the weeks immediately following the assassination. I think this was done so that the govt could do with the limo what they wanted and get away with it. That is just what happened. The JFK limo, in effect, vanished, and nobody in the general public cared. LBJ had his prize trophy, the rebuilt black limo, and nobody complained.

If we look at the press in regards to the 50th we see the evolved disinfo level at work — the news channels troll conspiracy but always return to the ‘safe haven’ of defending the WCR.

The question we must all ask ourselves, imo, is, what is so terrible about this event that even 50 years later we are not supposed to reason through it for ourselves?
Pamela Brown
Midnight Blue to Black…


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