My New Review on Amazon of Vince Palamara’s SURVIVOR’S GUILT…

I must say that since I (finally) entered the JFK research community at full throttle, so to speak, in 1988, there are many researchers whom I hold in great esteem and consider my mentors, but there are only a handful who have been as consistently supportive and helpful in providing detailed information in a timely manner than Vince Palamara. He even sent me copies of SG when it was self-published, and, to put it mildly, rather rambling in nature.

This version of SG is much more taut, with good editing, and makes for, not only a page-turner of an assassination book (not easy to do) but a valuable research resource. I can only complain that, though SG has a good people index, it does not have a topic index, so the researcher must sift through all the references to a person in order to find a specific event. Just the same, there are nuggets and jewels of information presented objectively on every page. Vince Palamara also manages to successfully sidestep a number of issues that have a connection to the limo (my area of specialty) in SG, which only lends credence to the level of information he is presenting.

I think that Vince could have taken even more risks in developing a cohesive theory of the assassination and the SS involvement in it; nevertheless, I have said to him, and firmly believe, that between SG and my recent NID presentation (Midnight Blue to Black — the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine In Broad Daylight, available at the JFK assassination has been cracked wide open for good.

Pamela Brown


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