More on disinfo…reply to A.M. on aaj…

> Do you think the US News reporting the rumor about a hole in the floor was
> disinfo to make the public think it was a conspiracy? Or was it double
> fake out like the National Geographic Channel shows or “In Search of”
> where they lead us on about sightings of Bigfoot for 59 minutes and in the
> last minute reveal that the previous 59 minutes were a hoax?
> […]
It is my thinking at this time that little rabbit trails that would lead to conspiracy were deliberately placed in news stories in order to draw in those who might object to the official story. This would be true of any report on the limo, such as a ‘hole in the floorboard’ or ‘hole in the windshield’ that is just dumped into a paragraph with no person cited as a source and no way to check it out, just dangled.

However, it seems to me that in each news story a strategy is used that is still being used today, which is to troll conspiracy and then rein people in at the end and remind them that ‘only the WCR is true.’ This was best symbolized to me in Geraldo’s FoxNews program this November. It was really interesting in many respects — including an interview with Marguerite Oswald that I had never seen before. In the last segment Geraldo spoke enthusiastically with Cyril Wecht, but then closed the show by saying something along the line of, “we have to agree with what Jackie told us, that it was too bad JFK was killed by a silly little Communist.” Then he blew a kiss at the audience. I almost threw up. :-0

So, in a sense, I think they may be doing both.

Pamela Brown


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