Reply to Deke on aaj re Swiss Cheese Windshield…

> what they saw didn’t fit in with certain theories. Same here. Six
> witnesses, albeit with slight variations, said they saw the same thing,
> but they all must be mistaken. Very Warren Commissionish! Just how many
> people have to witness the same thing in order to make it real?

False. There are not ‘six’ witnesses. Not all are credible witnesses — Whitaker and Prencipe made up stories.

Ellis, Glanges, Freeman and Dudman were at PH. Ellis and Dudman thought they saw holes in entirely different places. So what they thought they saw could well have been something else. At least two of them insisted what they saw was a ‘small hole you could put a pencil through.’ That was not the case. The implication seemed to have been that the windshield on SS100X was bulletproof, so a bullet would make a ‘clean hole’. But that is false. The windshield on SS100X was stock two-ply glass, and would have had frothing around the hole plus a bit of spidering, which nobody saw.

There is also the possibility, which I discuss in MB2B, that someone (my bet is on Kellerman) actually started a rumor at PH that there was a ‘hole in the windshield’, so everyone started looking for it. If that is the case, this was intended to have everyone running around in circles, which is just what happened.

Pamela Brown


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