Doug Horne/Lew Rockwell article — Whitaker…aaj reply…

DH says,”(4) Mr. George Whitaker, Sr., a senior manager at the Ford Motor Company’s Rouge Plant in Detroit, Michigan, told attorney (and professor of criminal justice) Doug Weldon in August of 1993, in a tape recorded conversation, that after reporting to work on Monday, November 25th, he discovered the JFK limousine — a unique, one-of-a-kind item that he unequivocally identified — in the Rouge Plant’s B building, with the interior stripped out and in the process of being replaced, and with the windshield removed. He was then contacted by one of the Vice Presidents of the division for which he worked, and directed to report to the glass plant lab, immediately. After knocking on the locked door (which he found most unusual), he was let in by two of his subordinates and discovered that they were in possession of the windshield that had been removed from the JFK limousine. They had been told to use it as a template, and to make a new windshield identical to it in shape — and to then get the new windshield back to the B building for installation in the Presidential limousine that was quickly being rebuilt. Whitaker told Weldon (quoting from the audiotape of the 1993 interview): “And the windshield had a bullet hole in it, coming from the outside through…it was a good, clean bullet hole, right straight through, from the front. And you can tell, when the bullet hits the windshield, like when you hit a rock or something, what happens? The back chips out and the front may just have a pinhole in it…this had a clean round hole in the front and fragmentation coming out the back.” Whitaker told Weldon that he eventually became superintendent of his division and was placed in charge of five plant divisions. He also told Weldon that the original windshield, with the bullet hole in it, had been broken up and scrapped — as ordered — after the new windshield had been made.”

This story is patently ridiculous. SS100X had a stock LCC windshield. It could have been replaced anywhere, including at Love Field when it sat on the tarmac in the AF C-130 for over two hours. In addition, there is no evidence of any nature to indicate that Whitaker ever saw the limo (as he describes it so inaccurately) or that the limo had any connection to the Rouge. It then goes without saying that nothing Whitaker says about the windshield has any significance. How a reasoning person can fall for such illogical statements as these, I have no clue. But, every so often, another unsuspecting newbie comes by and gets tripped up by this disinfo. Then they tend to go around in circles huffing and puffing when asked to provide even a shred of documentation for any of Whitaker’s claims. Eventually, they may even turn a bit nasty and try to kill the messenger. At least they won’t be holding up the queue for seats at NARAII, which is a good thing for anyone looking for actual documentation.


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