Santa Claus Limo V Vaughn Ferguson memo…aaj reply

At least Chris acknowledges the Ferguson Memo.

VF was off by one day. However, the WHG logs confirm the date when the windshield was replaced. Each of those items is considered a document. Put together, they provide a trail of evidence showing that SS100X remained in the WHG, not only until 11.26.63 when the windshield was replaced by Arlington Glass, but at least until 12.2.63 when the new carpeting for the passenger section of the limo was installed.

If Chris wants to play the Santa Claus Limo game, why wouldn’t he acknowledge the Carl Renas story? Renas said the limo went to H+E early. Documentation shows the limo did actually go to H+E. Isn’t that a better story than the rather lame one that the limo went to the Rouge?


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