My Distress at Horne and Weldon

That is unfortunate. Horne has done a lot of work on the Zapruder film(s) that I find interesting. But I can no longer look at anything Horne has written as having any objectivity. I am very disappointed, and I would love to be mistaken. But I don’t think I am.

Weldon fell for a hoax with Whitaker. He had an excellent opportunity to apologize to the research community in 1999. Both he and I were scheduled to go head-to-head at NID that year. He backed out at the last moment. I found that cowardly. He never bothered to apologize, but instead kept winding the noose tighter and tighter around his neck. I am sad to see anyone falling into the pit of Whitaker and getting stuck there, then thrashing and flailing around and trying to kill the messengers who are only attempting to help them climb out of the pit.


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