DH/LR PH Witnesses…so wrong…

DH says: “Summarizing, six credible witnesses — Stavis Ellis, H. R. Freeman, Richard Dudman, Evalea Glanges, George Whitaker, and Charles Taylor — all reported seeing a bullet hole in the windshield of JFK’s limousine either on the day of the assassination (for five of the six witnesses), or on the following Monday (in the case of Mr. Whitaker, who did not see the limousine and its windshield until he reported to work at the Ford Motor Company’s Rouge Plant, in Detroit, on Monday morning, November 25th, 1963).

Two of these witnesses — Evalea Glanges and George Whitaker — were absolutely positive that the bullet causing the damage had been a shot from the front, which had entered the front surface of the windshield, and exited the inside surface.”

PB:  Completely false and misleading.  Ellis, Freeman, Dudman and Glanges were actual witnesses at PH.  Two of them thought they saw holes in entirely different locations, so how are we to know what they actually saw?  Whitaker has no connection to the limo at all, and cannot be counted as a ‘witness’.  Taylor did drive SS100X back from AAFB to the WHG, but he added no definition to the term ‘hole’, so we can surmise that he saw the defect later recorded in CE350.


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