Doug Horne/Lew Rockwell …Horne claims windshield at NARA not in the limo on 11.22.63!

DH: “The Windshield Evidence Was Twice Switched-Out — Substituted — By the U.S. Government

The windshield in evidence today at the National Archives is not the windshield that was in the Presidential limousine on Elm Street, in Dallas, on November 22, 1963. It simply cannot be. Why? Remember, according to George Whitaker, Sr. of the Ford Motor Co., the original was destroyed, per company orders, after it was used as a template to make a replacement on November 25th, 1963.”

PB:  False.  Whitaker has no connection to the limo, so none of his nonsense can be used to prove anything.  In fact, Whitaker might not even have heard about the limo until after it was bulletproofed.  He seemed to think it required a ‘special’ windshield, when it did not.  On 11.22.63 SS100X had a stock LCC 2-ply windshield.  

DH: But it gets much worse than that. The first replacement, the one installed by Whitaker’s two lab technicians in Detroit, was damaged on the wrong side by an incompetent Secret Service organization (incompetent not only at protecting the 35th President, but also in implementing a cover-up). Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman (who rode in the right front seat of the limousine in Dallas) testified before the Warren Commission, in March of 1964, that when he examined the windshield (obviously the replacement, installed by Whitaker’s team in Detroit) on November 27th, it was smooth on the outside, and damaged on the inside. This is consistent with damage caused by an impact on the front side of the windshield. (Safety glass exhibits damage on the opposite side from which it is struck).”

PB:  False.  A number of people touched the windshield.  They were not qualified to do so.  It is illogical to jump to a conclusion based on what one of them said.  SA Robert Frazier, who headed the forensic exam done on the limo at 1am 11.23.63 said that there was metallic residue on the inside of the windshield, which he had removed.  


DH: “Researcher Robert P. Smith (as reported by David Lifton in Best Evidence) interviewed a Mr. Bill Ashby, crew leader at the Arlington Glass Company, who told Smith he removed the limousine’s windshield in Washington, D.C. on November 27th; this occurred after Roy Kellerman had felt the interior surface earlier that day and determined it to be damaged on the inside, and smooth on the outside.”

Bill Ashby did assist in the removal of the windshield.  The White House Garage logs show that took place on November 26, 1963.  The two men from Arlington Glass pushed the windshield out with their feet, thus creating the long cracks seen in the windshield at NARA today.


DH: “But the windshield at the National Archives today exhibits long cracks — not a through-and-through bullet hole — and is damaged on the outside, which is the opposite of what Kellerman noted by physical examination on November 27th.”

Almost completely incorrect.  The windshield at NARA exhibits the long cracks consistent with its being pushed out by the feet of the men from Arlington Glass.



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