Fascination with a t+t Windshield Bullet Hole will never fade away…aaj reply

There seems to be a great ongoing fascination with a t+t bullet hole to the windshield. So many stories have been told about it. Press reports and even a SS report have added to the mystique by randomly mentioning a ‘hole’ without adding any details or specifying a source. Some people, such as Whitaker, who never even saw the limo have jumped into the fray to claim they saw a hole.

The fact is, if there were to have been a t+t hole in the windshield, would that not point to a shot from a $12 rifle by a malcontent in the 6FSN? The actual damage to the windshield, as captured by the Altens 1-7 and CE350 show only a modest defect. Just the same, one can anticipate that those who think they found a t+t hole will also think they have ‘solved’ the assassination. Unfortunately, the truth is a whole lot stranger than fiction in this case.

Pamela Brown


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