Judyth and Whitaker

As many of you here know, I went way (too far?) out of my way to try to keep an open forum for what Judyth Baker had to say. As I said repeatedly, also, I did this because she had objective documentation placing her in proximity to LHO at Reily Coffee in NOLA in the summer of 1963.

Even now, after my agreement with Judyth to keep an open mind until her (authorized) book came out has ended, you will notice that I do not tell people to *believe* or *not believe* Judyth. I do my best to describe my own experiences in her camp and allow people to decide for themselves what to think.

George Whitaker, on the other hand, has zero documentation connecting him with any limo sighting at any time. It doesn’t matter how much bullying the likes of Fetzer and Weldon did to try to hurl his false story up against the wall hoping something would stick. It doesn’t matter that someone such as Doug Horne is still publishing articles containing Whitaker’s inane statements. This man is a fraud who tried to perpetrate a hoax. IMO, it is best to not *believe* anything he said.

Pamela Brown

ss100x.wordpress.com, findingjudyth.blogspot.com



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