Doug Horne, Lew Rockwell site article on the windshield…

DH: Previously Known Photographic Evidence of a Windshield Bullet Hole 

As I documented in chapter 15 of my book, Inside the Assassination Records Review Board, the famous “Altgens photo” taken on Elm Street, the one reported to be equivalent to Zapruder frame 255 in the extant film, appears to many who study it to show a bullet hole in the windshield in some of the versions of that photograph that have been published: namely, in The Torch Is Passed (1964), on page 16; in Groden’s The Killing of a President, on pages 30 and 36; on page 314 of Trask’s Pictures of the Pain; and in the version published in Fetzer’s Murder in Dealey Plaza, on page 149. The apparent bullet hole detected by many viewers in the Altgens photo appears to be just to the right of the rightmost edge of the rear view mirror, as seen from the front.

PB:  False.  There was an anomaly on some of the newspaper copies of the Altgens 1-6 due to its being uploaded quickly to the newswires immediately following the assassination.  This is not visible on an AP or NARA copy from the negative.  

DH: But there is another Altgens photo taken on Elm Street, showing Jackie Kennedy on the trunk of the limousine after the assassination, which also shows damage in the area of the windshield that is left-of-center, as seen from inside the car. Frustratingly, the damage seen in this photograph appears to be some cracks emanating from a frosted white area of the windshield that is left-of-center. It is most clearly seen in The Torch Is Passed, on page 17; in my view, it is unclear whether we are looking at a round bullet hole with two cracks emanating from it, or simply cracks. The poor quality versions of this image published in The Killing of a President (on page 42) and in Pictures of the Pain (on page 316) are useless in resolving this issue.

PB:  Horne is quibbling with the obvious.  The defect shown on the Altgens 1-7 is consistent with that also shown on CE 350, the FBI photo of the windshield taken during the forensic exam 11.23.63.  This defect was also described by Frazier, Ferguson and Taylor.  It is also consistent with the defect found on the windshield stored at NARA, CE 351.  Horne seems to be simply trying to twist documentation to fit his wacky theory.




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