A Bit of Squirming, but not exactly an apology from Anthony…aaj reply

AM said:>
> The ones you originally uploaded came from MY Web site, not yours.

That’s not what you originally said. You claimed I copied files from your website to my blog which is nonsense. I deserve an apology.

I have an earlier copy of the Rowley letter, and never considered it something to be ‘discovered’.

Why did you wait fifteen years to lodge this complaint? I have been referencing all the documents at my website since 1997 and making them available to researchers everywhere without claiming ownership of them.

And that includes the original first page of the Ferguson Memo, which NARA sent to me by mistake. Your copy from NARA doesn’t have the date. I am the ONLY one who has that first page with the date, but do you see me screaming and yelling if someone else uses it?


Please, Anthony. Can we focus on moving information forward?

Pamela Brown



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