Additional damage to the windshield and/or the rear-view mirror of SS100X? aaj reply

CE 350 At Anthony Marsh’s site

I also have to take into consideration the fact that when I asked Robert Frazier if he had seen damage to the r-v mirror he said “unknown.” He and his team did find the damage to the chrome molding in CE 349, so they were observant, at least to some degree. But I don’t rule out the possibility of damage because Frazier did not mention it either. As Anthony says, it could have been ‘overlooked’. If so, it would be a serious error imo.

Another potential witness to any r-v mirror damage would have been Vaughn Ferguson. He didn’t mention anything either, in any documentation that I have at this point. But Ferguson didn’t mention the dent in the chrome molding in his memo either. Ferguson was not doing a forensic exam, just trying to get the limo back into working condition.

It is my belief that there was additional pockmarking to the windshield than what has been documented. Frazier said they added no flood lights during the FBI exam, and, as we can see from the photos, the WHG was pretty dark.

James Hosty mentioned additional pockmarking in his book AO, so I asked him about it. He tried to back off and change the subject, which led me to think I was moving in the right direction.

I have attempted to view the windshield CE351 at NARA II three different times. The last attempt was with the DC crew for ITTC. I thought for sure they would let us view it with a forensic glass expert, but that was not to be. At least we still have the windshield; there is no record of what happened to the r-v mirror.

So my position is to definitely leave a door open for additional damage to the windshield and windshield area, especially the r-v mirror which Anthony has noted. We just need a higher level of documentation to make the assertions really persuasive, imo.


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