MB2B — Ed Forum reply…

Thank you for your kind words.  My research philosophy is quite simple — I don’t ask that anyone ‘believe’ or ‘disbelieve’ what I say, but weigh and evaluate the information I am bringing forward and then decide for yourself what to think.  As the limo is at the center of the assassination, there are probably more wacky theories involving it than any other area of research, so I feel I speak from a position of experience.

It is tough for me to watch researchers who have honest intent fall into potholes regarding the limo.  The most insidious of these is a need for a t+t bullet hole in the windshield in order for there to be a conspiracy.  Once someone falls into that pothole, they may never be able to climb out.  That said, I hope I am providing a timeline of documentation for what I believe happened to SS100X after the assassination that will provide a reference point for anyone wishing to dig deeper or move forward.



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