Let’s not forget the QMII follow-up car…

Right behind SS100X on 11.22.63 was the stunning SS parade limo (for some strange reason both a convertible and armoured).  It carried the SS men who were told to stay off of SS100X, and was driven by SA Sam Kinney.

This car is, to my thinking, every bit as interesting as SS100X.  It was sequestered with SS100X following the assassination, but there is no record of what, if anything, was done with it.  SA Robert Frazier did not do a forensic exam on it, as he did on SS100X.

It was the QMII that was used for the Warren Commission reenactment in May, 1964.  That is another story, as the reason it was used instead of the actual assassination limousine was that SS100X had been gutted to bare metal to be rebuilt and was, therefore, conveniently unavailable.

Here is an interesting page on the QMII:



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