Aha!…I think I have a way…

I have been trying to determine how to put my NID presentation “Midnight Blue to Black” in a video, as I am not supposed to use the DVD of the presentation as that is the property of JFKLancer. I have debated finding a public access tv station to do it, then balked at it.

However, this summer I took a cinema production course and completed my first video, “Out of Night and Fog”. It’s on Youtube at pamina58. So, today I had the BRILLIANT idea that I could do basically the same thing with my presentation! No, you wouldn’t see me presenting it, but you will hear my voiceover of the script while watching the slides. I am amazed at my own genius. But I am also disappointed that it has taken me so long to see how simply this can be done.

So, bear with me as I pull this all together…:-)


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