Discovery Channel INSIDE THE TARGET CAR (2008) links, the SPEED Channel JFK LIMOUSINE(2004) and my involvement…

In 2008 I had the opportunity to be involved with the development and production of the DC documentary INSIDE THE TARGET CAR.  I wrote about my experiences here:

Ironically, I now realize that the odd coincidence between the original structure of ITTC and the 2004 SPEED channel program, where my essay “SS100X” from CAR CRASH CULTURE (Palgrave/Macmillan 2002) was used as the basis for the screenplay, may have been deliberate.  The SPEED channel program was entirely CT.  ITTC ended up being a WCR redux.

Was the JFK LIMOUSINE SPEED Channel program the catalyst for ITTC?  Was ITTC intended to wipe out is influence?  I will let you decide that for yourselves…

Here are links to various sections and outtakes of ITTC:

Here are links to the SPEED Channel JFK LIMOUSINE:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: (I am interviewed in this section)

Part 5:

Oddly, and curiously enough, when I had the privilege to take a Cinema Production intensive at IFP/MN last week-end, as I described observing the filming of the rebuilt JFK limo at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, the instructor pointed out to me that I already have experience in this area as a result of in my involvement with these productions.

Who knew? 🙂


A puzzle solved…Gary Shaw misquotes Penn Jones…

In Gary Shaw’s classic COVER-UP there is a statement that has puzzled me over the years.  On page 77 of the 1992 edition, he says, ‘Within 48 hours of the shots in Dealey Plaza the Kennedy death car was shipped to the Ford Motor Company in Detroit and completely destroyed, as far as evidence is concerned.’ His footnote, references Penn Jones’ Forgive My Grief III, p. 2.  But on FMG, p 2, much to my surprise, I find that it says nothing about ’48 hours’.

Forgive My Grief III, p. 2

Is this where some of the early myths about the limo arose?  I can only wonder.  As we now know from available documentation, SS100X was indeed whisked out of DC, driven to Dearborn (not Detroit) to the Experimental Garage where it was built, by Vaughn Ferguson, in order to be conveniently unavailable for the Warren Commission reenactment in May 1964.  However, this was done in mid-December, 1963.