Changing gears…a new approach to understanding the assassination of JFK…

As, since 1988, my area of specialty in the JFK assassination has been the Presidential Limousine SS100X, in which JFK was riding when he was killed on November 22, 1963, I have had quite a rollercoaster ride.  Initially I chose the limo because I was jumping into the fray late in the game, so to speak.  So much research had already been done, and so many fine researchers had already make substantial inroads in determining what really did happen that day (as opposed to what we were supposed to believe from the Warren Commission Report) that I felt overwhelmed.  How could I possibly make a contribution?  I wanted to step up to the plate, as JFK asked everyone to do in his Inaugural address, and give something back to the citizens of this country.  I wanted to share information and bring issues previously hidden into the light of public scrutiny.  But how? I wondered.

I realized that I needed to find a niche — and a small one at that.  I needed an area where I could establish a grounding into the assassination, so that I could provide information to all who were interested, regardless of their personal beliefs about what happened.

Then it occurred to me — the limo.  When I happened to be living in NYC and able to see an early viewing of the Zapruder film at the Charles Theatre on a large screen  I was stunned to see JFK, tanned and waving one moment, his head shattered another, while sitting in that car.  As I wrote in my essay “SS100X” in CAR CRASH CULTURE (Palgrave/Macmillan 2001), I had nightmares about it.  It haunted me.  Why did everyone focus on the Texas School Book Depository and ignore the limousine, when that was where the murder had taken place?

I then realized that the limo had been pretty much ignored in the research community, except for some wild tales about it.  There also seemed to be a lot of confusion about the timeline surrounding it.  Nobody seemed to know what happened to it during the days following the assassination.

I realized that I had found my niche.  Or it found me.  Before long I had received everything NARA had on the limo, including a memo from a Vaughn Ferguson which nobody had ever talked about.  Turned out the memo had been sent to me by mistake while NARA was still trying to keep it suppressed. Another door had opened.

All these years later, after numerous requests from other researchers, I had prepared a book outline and contacted the Ferguson family about using photos and documents connected to Vaughn Ferguson in my book on the JFK limousine.  I did not hear back from them, however, and began to wonder what turn this saga might now take.

And here is where an unexpected connection is made — a series of events that seemed to have nothing whatsoever to do with the assassination.  But now I began to wonder if I had been overlooking something right under my nose.

In short, I have a tangential connection to NASA and also Wernher von Braun.  In fact, I probably could have met him, had I humbled myself enough to ask.  But I didn’t like him back then — he had once been a Nazi, and, to my thinking, no amount of genius or charm could account for what seemed to me a lack of humility about his past.  The family friends that I was involved with, who came to the US as part of von Braun’s team, were equally hypocritical, to my eyes.  “How could you not see what was happening?” I asked them.  “We knew nothing,” they insisted.  “Were you Nazi’s?” I asked.  “Of course, everyone was back then.”  I was not impressed.

Recently, however, I began to research the life of this family friend, and then another door opened.  There were things going on right before my eyes that I had been unable to understand, or to weigh and evaluate.  Who convinced JFK to start the moon race at a time when we were being humiliated by the Soviets? Why were there so many indications of JFK’s backchanneling to the Soviets?  What part did the space race play in the ill-fated Texas trip?

Then, this photo of the two of them, at Cape Canaveral just a few days prior to the assassination, caught my eye.

Within days of that photo, JFK would be dead.  Almost immediately after Apollo 11 von Braun was virtually dumped from NASA.  When he later moved to DC it was said that nobody would talk to him when he walked the halls of the Pentagon.

And so, as I move ahead with research on my book, it is with this additional focus.  Somehow, this has been part of my destiny all along.  Wish me luck.  🙂

JFK at Cape Canaveral

Date: 11.16.1963 Title: Seamans, von Braun and President Kennedy at Cape Canaveral Description: Dr. Wernher von Braun explains the Saturn Launch System to President John F. Kennedy. NASA Deputy Administrator Robert Seamans is to the left of von Braun. ID: GPN-2000-001843 Other ID: 64P-0145 Credit: NASA Headquarters – GReatest Images of NASA (NASA-HQ-GRIN)




On another note (so to speak) my University Honors Thesis is available online…:-)

This paper is the result of more than a year’s worth of research, actually on two continents, as I found myself fascinated with Ben Jonson while I was a student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I discovered to my delight and surprise that a major book on Jonson, The Broken Compass, had been written by one of my profs at Bucknell, Ned Partridge. When I returned to Bucknell I requested that he be my English Lit advisor for this project, as was Dr. Robert Hilliard, my mentor, in History.

I was fortunate to graduate as one of two in my class, and the only woman, with a University Honors degree that year.

Sad to share…

I am deeply saddened to have to share that my dear husband and passionate JFK researcher Donner Brown has passed away. Donner worked with me on all my presentations and was my producer, putting together all the powerpoint presentations and providing the most wonderful support for me. Just about any credibility I have in this arena I feel I owe to him. He always pushed me to do more. We were just starting work on our first book, in fact, about the JFK limo and its star witness.

Here is Donner’s obit:

The photo above was taken on the roof of the Dallas Grand Hotel.

Let’s not forget the QMII follow-up car…

Right behind SS100X on 11.22.63 was the stunning SS parade limo (for some strange reason both a convertible and armoured).  It carried the SS men who were told to stay off of SS100X, and was driven by SA Sam Kinney.

This car is, to my thinking, every bit as interesting as SS100X.  It was sequestered with SS100X following the assassination, but there is no record of what, if anything, was done with it.  SA Robert Frazier did not do a forensic exam on it, as he did on SS100X.

It was the QMII that was used for the Warren Commission reenactment in May, 1964.  That is another story, as the reason it was used instead of the actual assassination limousine was that SS100X had been gutted to bare metal to be rebuilt and was, therefore, conveniently unavailable.

Here is an interesting page on the QMII:

The Nature of the Ongoing Coverup…EF reply…

It seems to me that there is information that those still pushing the Ongoing Coverup don’t care about.  Then there is information they don’t want the rest of us to have.  One example of that, from my experience, is the Ferguson Memo, which was sent to me by mistake long before they had RIFs when I asked for everything NARA had on the limo.

Prior to the acquisition of the information in the Ferguson Memo there was a great deal of confusion about what happened to the limo once it returned to the White House Garage.  Once I published the Ferguson Memo at my website a tsunami occurred.  Everyone’s pet theory was up for grabs.  Therefore, it seems to me those involved in the Ongoing Coverup use confusion to their advantage.  By refusing to release certain documents which they know would clear up the confusion, they can just let everyone go around in circles, coming up with crazy theories, which they can then point to as evidence of CT ‘looniness’…

When I published the Ferguson Memo, Mr. Marsh went to NARA demanding a copy of it. They refused, saying that it was still being withheld.  Marsh then produced MY copy of the Ferguson Memo and the people at NARA went “whoops.”  So they then had no choice but to release it.  But when they did so, they cut off the date of the memo, which on my copy had been December 18, 1963



Was this just an ‘accident’?  Or part of a deliberate process to encourage confusion?

Another issue is NARA withholding access to documents they have.  When you go to NARA for serious work, you are assigned to one of their people.  They vett you and know what you are looking for.  On one trip I hoped to see the Jim Garrison files, notes, memos, etc, that had just recently been donated to NARA.  I was told that I had not allotted enough time to do so (I had two days) and was denied access to any of the material at that time.  What that said to me was (1) the files had not been ‘gutted’ yet and (2) that they were, in their original state, dynamite.

So, basically, in whichever direction one goes, there will be those sincerely confused and doing their best, and those in-the-know who are trying to withhold information.  Ironically, the more controversy your research generates, perhaps the more on-target it is, especially if you find that people seems to be coming out of the woodwork to try to discredit you…

Whitaker used to try to ‘poison the well’ re Ferguson…ef reply…

Unfortunately, Greg seems to have fallen prey to the fallacy of false alternatives.

Also, imo, the ‘poisoning of the well’ was done when the ‘nameless witness’ that later was revealed to be Whitaker was forced onto the JFK research community when those doing this had ample documentation available to them that demonstrated his statements were false.  No one bothered to pony up a single bit of documentation connecting him to the limo in any way.

It is my thinking that this campaign has gone on unchecked in order to ‘poison the well’ against the man who wrote the memo that NARA sent to me by mistake, Vaughn Ferguson.  There is documentation connecting him to the limo in the days following the assassination.  He was the one who took possession of some of the bloody back seat leather.  There are photos of him with the limo.

My logic is this — fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

From my standpoint on the limousine, Horne has driven himself into the pothole that the lies about Whitaker represent.  That is his choice.  But as long as he or anyone is maintaining a false position on a major issue in the assassination it is unrealistic not to anticipate that they will fall into potholes in other areas of their research.

Another reply…Greg just doesn’t seem to get it…:-0

Speak for yourself, Greg.  That was not my intent.

You pointed out a fallacy by using a fallacy.  That is what I pointed out.  I don’t think your position has merit as a result.

At least we agree that everyone should read all that is available and decide for themselves what to think.  I am attempting to provide definition for anyone who chooses to ask questions about the limo issue that I think causes us to have to ask questions about Horne’s credibility on every other issue.

Curious that you seem to have complimented me on ‘bumping’ Doug’s article while failing to pony up a single bit of objective documentation connecting the ‘nameless witness’ to the limo, which is the focus of my criticism.

Greg also seems to be forgetting my position, which is not to tell people what to think, but to give them all the information available and ask that they think things through for themselves.