Pamela Brown in INSIDE THE TARGET CAR (Discovery Channel, 2008)

Yes, it’s me. It’s a clip from my interview, done at the Henry Ford, in a discussion of the bubble-top and why it was removed on 11.22.63 prior to the fatal Dallas motorcade.

The “Secret Service man” on the right is actually Nick, the man who owns the gorgeous replica limo. I had a part to play in its being used in ITTC. They taped my interview, then Bob Casey’s (Henry Ford historian) and the crew took the glamour sweep shots of the rebuilt limousine — all done very early in the day, before the Henry Ford was open to the public.

At lunch in the museum, the producer, Bob Erickson, asked me what I would like do do in the afternoon. The choices were to go to the Gerald Ford museum or to try to track down a replica of the Presidential Limousine. After almost choking on my bite of yummy salad I said, “the limo, of course!” And off we went…

I was speechless at my first sight of the car that had been built with the same specs as SS100X and wss in the same configuration that the limo was on 11.22.63. It was exquisite. You can see that for yourself. Close-up, it is truly breathtaking.

As a result of this find, the entire program was revamped to feature this amazing replica limo.


Midnight Blue to Black — the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine SS100X In Broad Daylight

Presented at JFKLancer Conference November, 23, 2013

Pamela Brown

Midnight Blue To Black:  the Vanishing Act of The Presidential Limousine SS100X In Broad Daylight

It is an honor to be invited to speak here today, and to have been given a spot in the schedule following the ceremonies at Dealey Plaza. Now we have a new beginning. Perhaps we can even look for some hope in Dallas and not just the tragedy. Ironically, however, in the last few weeks, we have all experienced the respinning of a lot of old disinformation about the JFK assassination from both sides.  That also applies to the presidential limousine, as I hope to demonstrate to you.

I wish to dedicate my presentation to my Advanced Placement English Teacher at Andrew Warde High School in Fairfield, Connecticut, Miss Evelyn Copeland.[Exhibit 1}]  She was both outrageous and brilliant, and challenged us at every turn.  We were terrified of being on the receiving end of one of her accusative looks, yet we all adored her, and cherished her as a teacher and friend.  This photo is from our gathering for a reunion in 2011.  Evelyn Copeland passed away this summer.  She was of the same generation as JFK. It is because of her mentoring that I can stand before you today, reaching for the stars, all these years later.  And it is because of her that I can write with clarity, and spell correctly!  I consider being an Evelyn Copeland Scholar one of my greatest achievements.

I would also like to thank my friend and research associate Brad Back, [Exhibit 2] who is also the author of “Unaltered Zapruder. Without his editing, this presentation would have been in a far less cohesive state. I would also like to thank Julie Ferguson Rogers[Exhibit 3} Vaughn Ferguson’s granddaughter, for finding me on the internet. Her input, and that of Vaughn Ferguson’s wife, Catherine, added much depth to my research on him.

And last but not least, I would like to thank my dear husband Donner Brown, who has fearlessly slugged through all the research issues with me for almost sixteen years, and without whose help I would not be here today.  Mr Brown!  We have recently incorporated our company, In Broad Daylight Research, and our first book, hopefully, will be the story of the JFK administration as seen through the eyes of the Presidential Limousine and the man who went everywhere it went – except to Texas – Mr. Vaughn Ferguson.

As many of you already know, I have tended to be something of a “spare tire” in the research community.  My positions tend to cause controversy, and at times have created some rather intense arguments.  All things considered, that is quite understandable.  This is the limo, after all. I would like to give you a bit of background as to how and why I found myself more or less obsessed with the limo and finding answers to what really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Many of you are also aware that I am a musician – a flute player.  I often thought when I was a child that I played a ‘magic flute’, as whenever I played it seemed that things changed for the better and some amazing things occurred.  Then, in 1961, my Father nearly died by his own hand.  I decided I must have been mistaken.  I put down the flute for nearly ten years.  During that time I saw JFK at the 1961 Army-Navy game in Philadelphia [Exhibit 4].  Two years later he was dead.  In 1968 I saw Robert Kennedy in a San Francisco motorcade.  I was pushed by the crowd toward his car and looked right into his eyes.  He looked frightened.  It turned out a Chinese firecracker had been tossed into the back of the car as it made its way down Grant Avenue.  A few days later he was dead.

In November of 1964, in NYC, a friend of mine showed me a small ad about a viewing of the David Wolper film 1000 Days, about the JFK administration that had been prepared for the 1964 Democratic Convention.  Then, it said, they would also show the famous Zapruder film.   The two of us went on the first night.  We were among the first to arrive and sat in the front row of the Charles Theatre on the lower east side** [Exhibit 5]

1000 Days, was in black + white.  There was a brief moment of silence and the screen went dark.  And it was then the colored Zapruder film began to roll.  The film was very clear. The limo turned the corner and seemed to swallow up the screen.  In one moment JFK was vibrant, waving, and in the next, he was dead. Debris flew to the rear. Jackie pushed his head down and climbed out away from the shots.  It was in this exquisite limousine that this tragedy had taken place.  I was shocked and almost nauseous.  I felt that I had actually been there.  I wept, as the full horror of the event made its way home in my mind.  When I tried to sleep that night I had nightmares and woke up in a panic. I never bothered to rush to NARA to view copies of the Zapruder, because I had seen it for myself firsthand, and on a movie screen.  It had made an indelible impression. I did not realize until much later that the film was not supposed to have been available at all to the public.  Therefore, I had no idea of the significance of what I had just viewed.  But for anyone tempted to believe the official disinfo that the Zapruder fim(s) were always kept under lock and key and not seen by the public except at the National Archives, I am a witness to that being false. This is the first piece of disinfo I will discuss today.  And what do I mean by disinfo?  This is my rule of thumb.  First of all, don’t just ‘believe’ anything you hear.  Second, ask, ‘does this even make sense?’  If you find yourself with a queasy feeling, that is a red flag. The other question I ask myself is, ‘am I going around in circles with this piece of information?’  Just keep those things in mind as we move forward.

Some years later, my conscience called upon me.  I felt that it was my duty as a citizen  to focus on one small part of the assassination and share it with my fellow citizens.  Nobody was talking about or interested in the limo, and I could think of nothing else, because of this viewing.  I wrote to NARA and asked them for copies of all the files they had on the limo. By mistake, I was sent a memo from Vaughn Ferguson, Ford Motor Company liaison to the White House Garage.[Exhibit 6]

I did not know at the time that this document was still being officially suppressed, but I did know that it was unique.  For the first time there appeared to be some clarity as to what had actually happened to the limo after the assassination.  To this day, I believe this memo to be one of the central documents on the assassination.  In 1997 I began a website on the limo, and in 1998 published this document.  A furor ensued.  I had no doubt that there was good reason this document had been suppressed.  I hope you will come to agree with me that It is dangerous because it goes against the disinfo being deliberately propagated about the limousine.

We all know the basics of the limo timeline on November 22 1963– Elm Street, Parkland Hospital, Love Field, Andrews Air Force Base, and the White House Garage. Let us, however, take a fresh walk through this timeline.  Ask yourself if some of these statements you may have taken for granted make sense Ask yourself whether the information is actual information, disinformation – which is deliberate false information – or misinformation (someone just made a mistake.  Is it even possible that there was a disinfo campaign that involved the limousine?   I think the answers I have found might surprise you.

The intrepid Vaughn Ferguson, who was assigned by FMC to the Presidential limo [Exhibit 7]  Julie provided me with this photo of her Grandpa Vaughn taken by a family member when SS100X was delivered to the White House in June of 1963.  That’s him on the driver’s side retractable step.

He went on just about every other trip.  However, to his surprise, he was asked to remain in DC for the Texas trip, under the pretext of putting together the cars for the Army-Navy game the following weekend.  Perhaps someone had already sized Mr. Ferguson up as someone who could be a bit nosy.  At any rate, making sure the limo left DC without him was one less problem for the SS, imo. Ironically, Chief Rowley happened to be a friend of LBJ’s.

Let’s begin with the position of the Presidential Limousine in the Dallas motorcade.  There is an SS photo, taken after the assassination, that still shows

a sticker saying “Number 7” on the windshield of 100X.([Exhibit 8] Was this supposed to be its parade number? Of course, it was not.  In this crazy motorcade, the limo was car number one.  Who decided on the order of the parade vehicles?  Who moved the limousine from position #7 to position #2, behind the lead car? Or did William Greer, the driver, just follow the lead car out?

Secondly, we all know there were no SS men on the retractable footstands on the rear of 100X during the Dallas motorcade.  This alone might have prevented an attack.  In most other motorcades there were agents riding on the side of the limo.  Could this have been done with sinister intent?

Let’s also look at the configuration of the limo on 11.22.63.  The car was built with interchangeable roof parts that could be used in different combinations or left off. ** 20 However, at delivery, the limousine had  a permanent second windshield separating the driver from the passenger sections of the car. [Exhibit 9]  Someone in the SS, however, apparently realized that this permanent second windshield represented a security threat.  In open configuration, how could the SS agents in the front possibly hear what was going on in the back in case of an emergency?  Three months after delivery this  permanent second windshield was removed.  But did this really solve their problems? As we will see, this exquisite product of the FMC still had a major safety flaw that was never addressed – namely, that the car in its open configuration, with its stretch section, created an environment where, even though there was an intercom connecting the passengers to the driver, there was almost no way they could communicate by voice alone during an emergency.  This stretch section created a perfect trap for its occupants.  Had even one piece of the Plexiglas roof been in place, the assassination attempt might have been delayed for at least that one day.  Ironically, there had been rain in the morning.  The metal partition was in place.  All the roof pieces were stowed in the trunk, along with a canvas covering.  But when the sun came out, the decision was made to leave the bubbletop off.  And so the limo began its trek from Love Field through downtown Dallas, first in line, not seventh, after the lead car, with its occupants completely vulnerable and helpless from a security standpoint, especially considering that lo and behold, there were no agents riding on the car on the retractable side steps in order to make sure nobody missed a chance to see their president and first lady up close.

Elm Street

Greer is driving, Kellerman in the front passenger seat.

The Presidential limousine is completely open. It is the second car in the motorcade.  The passengers were sitting ducks.  As Greer starts to make the dogleg turn onto Elm Street from Houston, shots are fired.  Gov. Connally recognizes that at once and looks around. He starts to shout, “they are going to kill us all.”. Kellerman and Greer in the front seat area seemed oblivious to what was going on in the back.  Jackie later said that she thought the second, privacy window, must have been in place, because they could not hear each other.  There was no time to grab the intercom.  Could the SS agents in the front of the limo ‘not hear’ the passengers, or did they choose to ‘not hear’ them? Is this not at least evidence of the severity of the design flaw in 100X?

When Greer and Kellerman finally seemed to realize that something unexpected was taking place, we might be think that their training would have caused them to gun the car forward to get it out of danger; but, instead, what did they do?  They slowed the car.

But did Greer stop the limo on Elm Street?  Is that even the right question to ask, or could that question be another bit of disinfo intended to turn the CTs into a battling camp?  What is the real question we need to ask? How about this one? Who in their right mind would cruise along at the same speed while they were turning to face the rear of the vehicle?  That would be suicidal, of course.  We have evidence, if we find this aspect of the Z-film(s) to be of value, that Greer turned to face JFK [Exhibit 10] Just how fast do you think the limo was traveling during that time?  Did the limo actually come to a stop?  It might as well have, as the passengers in the rear section, in the design flaw fully known and understood by the SS when 100X was put into a motorcade in its open configuration, ensured that they were sitting ducks.  And that is just what happened.  Greer did not turn to face forward until after the fatal shot had hit JFK.  Common sense alone tells us that only at that point was the car moving at any speed.   I happen to think “The limo stopped” is another piece of disinfo intended to cause the CT’s to run around in circles.

Let me give you an example of disinfo that is common knowledge.  Merriman Smith, riding in the motorcade, was the first one to get information out about the assassination.  And what did he say?  Did he say something like, “shots were fired at the motorcade?”  No.  He said, ‘three shots were fired.’  And on that point, the rest is history.  Was this disinfo?  I’ll let you decide.  Merriman Smith later died by his own hand.  Could that have been out of guilt for telling such a horrible lie?

Were more than three shots really fired? Something startled the SS men on the QMII at least by the time of the Altgens 1-6 as they were looking around.[Exhibit 11]  Did a shot hit the pavement? Another shot had by that time hit JFK in the throat. They would have to wait to watch JFK react, which was very difficult, as they were seated and standing about 10 feed behind in the QMII!  But Clint Hill, watching Jackie trying to climb out the back of the car ran forward to push her back in.  Jackie was Clint Hill’s responsibility.  All the talk about her ‘trying to retrieve a pice of JFK’s skull” is probably disinfo – she was trying to escape.  She didn’t duck down; she tried to get out.  Away from the shots.  Out the back.

Parkland Hospital

After the assassination the limo pulled into the Emergency Entrance area at Parkland Hospital. A crowd begins to gather.  The SS realize they have a problem on their hands.. **29 At this point, had the DPD been thinking, they could have tried to commandeer the car and insist that it remain where it was. But while the DPD was trying to figure out what was going on, the SS already had a plan in place.  People were trying to take movies and photos of the limo.  The top is down, anyone looking in can see that it is an abattoire.    Someone calls for a bucket and a pail and cloth are brought to the car. *30* The SS tries to put up the top. ** 31 What about the sinister claim that ‘the limo was washed out’ at Parkland Hospital.  I think that is disinfo.  The SS kept control of the car for nearly 12 hours after the assassination.  Are we really supposed to believe there were no buckets or cloths available on the C130, or even in the White House Garage?

The top is stored conveniently in the trunk.[Exhibit 12]  They decide to use three pieces.  Then they put a canvas cover over the Plexiglas roof.  The car is then sealed from the public view.

And now we come to the big limo kahuna – the hole in the windshield.  There was damage to the windshield.  It is evident in the Altgens 1-7.[Exhibit 13] But was the windshield shot out? Did it have large spider cracks on it?  Not that the photograph shows.  So what did happen?  Did one of the SS agents, seeing the damage to the windshield of 100X start a rumor to exaggerate it and throw people off?  Or were bystanders simply reflecting on what they were viewing.

Was there a ‘hole’ in the windshield?  The fact is, there was damage to the windshield. This is evident in the Altgens 1-7. Do we even need to have a t+t bullet hole in the windshield to prove a conspiracy?  I say not at all.

In fact, is it possible that the t+t bullet hole idea was, in fact, another example of disinfo? In this scenario, the mandate would be –“don’t touch the limo.”  But the corollary might be, “in case of any obvious damage, exaggerate it to create a rabbit trail.” Who would start such a rumour.  How about Kellerman?   He was seated just behind the windshield and are shown ducking , with Greer. One whisper might have done it.  “Look, isn’t there a hole in the windshield!”  If this ‘hole’ idea started as disinfo, might we expect to se odd things connected to  from time to time in press publications, at the very least?

What about the PH witnesses? We know these people were present.  Dudman, Ellis, Glanges all saw a ‘hole’ in the windshield that you could ‘put a pencil through.’ But they saw this hole in different locations.  What was really going on?  How did they get the impression that this was a bullet proof windshield, that might make a clean small hole as opposed to a ragged hole with spider cracks that a typical windshield might evidence? Did they really see something else that pointed to conspiracy, such as additional pockmarking, in various places on the windshield?

SS100X was whisked away from PH to Love Field a little after one p.m.  DPD was not on the ball. They did not take possession of the limo. They did not order the limo to be impounded.  In fact, by the time the DPD registered interest in holding the limo, it was already secured in the AF C-130, ready to leave for the flight back to DC.  The SS had, once again, gotten the jump on everyone.  Does this come as a surprise?

The limo and QMII sat on the tarmac inside the AF C-130 at Love Field until 3:30 That’s about two hours.  Just what do you suppose transpired during that time?  There is a report from a crew member, that the SS may have gone through the limo, supposedly ‘looking for evidence’.

Return to DC – AAFB

The limo was offloaded from the C130 at AAFB at about 8 pm. We do agree there was damage to the windshield in Dallas.  The limo had just been flown about 1600 miles, and it is not unlikely that the spidering had increased. What was the first thing the USPP motorcycle policemen escorts started talking about?  Guess what – a ‘hole in the windshield’.  By this time it was dark.  That didn’t matter.  Now the limo was to be driven 45 miles or so from AAFB into the WHG. Taylor later wrote a memo where he mentions the ‘hole’ in the windshield without adding any definition.

The limo  arrived at the WHG at around 9 p.m. A plastic cover, or tarp, was placed over 100X.  SAs were set up as security, assisted by White House policemen Snyder and Rubenstal.

At 10 p.m. Deputy Chief Paterni, ASAIC Boring, and reps from Dr. Burkley’s office at the WH inspected 100X.  Why was this?  Why wasn’t a forensic exam by the FBI done first?  Are we are supposed to accept that the SS inspection was just a ‘normal’?  Just who was in charge of this car?  To whom were they accountable?  Have I successfully demonstrated it is the SS who is in charge of the vehicle, and they were accountable to nobody?  Did the SS try to keep control of the Presidential Limousine until it had been put into a condition where it was ‘safe’ for others to look at it?  Let’s see…

The SS pored over the car for a good two hours.  They ‘found’ evidence, all right, in both CE 567 and CE 569? [Exhibit 13 ]a piece of the President’s skull. How convenient.  Exactly where were these things found?  What process was used?  Yes, they did turn the bullet pieces over to the FBI.  But did they bag them properly? Did they even know how to handle evidence?  Wasn’t it their job to be protecting the president?  Apparently, the piece of skull was taken to the autopsy.  Not one question was asked, it would appear, as to why the SS was there first, and not the FBI, whose agents actually knew what they were doing when it came to handling evidence. ‘The SS conveniently left no trail of crumbs to tell us anything about what really happened during those two hours, not to mention the other ten hours or so that the SS had had the limo in its sole possession.  Knowing this, how do we weigh and evaluate the limo evidence?

It wasn’t until about 1 a.m. that the FBI was finally invited to examine the limo.  SA Robert Frazier was at the head of this group, which was also comprised of Bartlett, Killian, Cunningham and Thomas.

Just what condition the limo was in when the SS turned it over to the FBI?  Was it ‘pristine’, just as it had been at Parkland Hospital twelve hours ago?  Hardly.

Between one and 4 am the FBI scoured the car, relatively speaking. It was they who found the tiny shards of bullet in the carpet near the JBC jump seat.  They also gave the windshield a proper exam and retrieved from it a metallic residue on this inside.  And last but definitely not least, they were the ones who observed the damage to the chrome molding strip above the windshield. [Exhibit 14] They took photographs of the exterior and the interior of the limousine. [Exhibit 15] A number of black + white photos were taken.  Some of them became warhorses of the WC, such as CE 349, CE350.**  Some were dumped in a box remained unverified and undated until Robert Frazier confirmed to me that they had been taken as part of the exam.

On Saturday morning, FMC liaison to the White House Garage, the man who usually accompanied SS100X wherever it went, the wonderfully nosy Vaughn Ferguson, arrived at the WHG and asked to see the limo.  He was told ‘no’.  He was allowed, however, to look at the windshield.  Vaughn Ferguson documented the damage he saw as “no perforation, but substantial cracks radiating a couple of inches from the center of the windshield at a point directly beneath the mirror. This is consistent with [Exhibit 16} CE350 This is consistent with what Mr. Frazier said he viewed.  He told me yes, he saw a hole, but not a t+t hole.  Mr. Ferguson immediately requested a replacement windshield to be installed by Arlington Glass Company.  That was done on Monday, November 26, 1963, when the Arlington Glass men pushed the damaged windshield out with their feet, thus creating the long cracks on the windshield held in secrecy and storage at NARA.

As the day wore on, the toll of the carnage in the limo the previous day began to make itself very evident – it smelled.  The SS realized they needed to clean it out.  It was not until this time, at around 4:30 pm, that the color SS photos of the limo were taken.  [Exhibit 17] Subsequent to that, the remaining flower petals, torn pieces of paper and other debris were removed from the limo and ‘taken to the Washington Field Office’.  They were never seen nor heard of again.

Vaughn Ferguson stated that he basically stayed with the limo until Monday, because LBJ had ordered it cleaned, in case he wanted to use it in the funeral.  This statement, which at face value is outrageous is, however, consistent with people in the background keeping control of what happened to the limo.  Ferguson found the limo somewhat cleaned out by the SS, but there was caked blood on the upholstery buttons.  Also, there was a big dark stain on the blue rear carpet.  So Ferguson got down on his hands and knees with a mixture of baking soda and water and tried to scrub the blood out of the back seat carpeting.  He was unable to do so, and then notified his superior,  that the limo would not be ready for use in the funeral as a result.  Ferguson ordered new replacement carpeting for 100x from Hess + Eisenhardt, and when it arrived on Dec. 2nd.  Vaughn Ferguson also retained pieces of the bloody backseat leather, which he kept.  Two were later put up at auction against the wishes of his family. [Exhibit 18]

So, according to Mr. Ferguson, 100X was ready to roll, new rear carpeting and all, by December 2nd 1963.  There was only one small problem – the WC might have an interest in the car.  Someone might even have had a brilliant idea early on that went something like this:  why don’t we do a reenactment of the assassination in Dallas and use the limo?  The FBI did a reenactment early on [Exhibit 19 ]where they actually used a LCC, similar to 100X, except minus the stretch section.  Theoretically, the WC could actually have been hoping to have the limo made available to them.  Of course, that was not to be.  Let’s find out why and ask ourselves the really tough question:  did the Midnight Blue JFK limousine ‘have’ to vanish because the conspirators knew that it was the primary crime scene?  Even more than Dealey Plaza?  Had all the disinfo about false damage that had already been spewed out about it been done so in order to get the public off the scent?

Spiriting the limo out of DC – Setting up the Committee

Where did the idea come from, to rebuild SS100X in the first place?  What is ‘logical’ about rebuilding a car for a head of state in which another head of state had been killed?  By pretending that this was not the primary crime scene, but was just ‘any old car’, and implying that nothing tragic had happened in it, did not the government, or some aspect of it, manage to further deceive the people?  Let us remember, based on the order given to Mr. Ferguson, that LBJ apparently had the car in his sights from the time of the assassination – if he was savvy enough to order it cleaned up really quick so he could ride in it on Monday!  However, dealing with the problem of the primary crime scene in a long term manner demanded some strategic thinking.   What if this ‘rush’ to build, or rebuild a parade limousine may have been manufactured in the first place? By whom? There were bulletproof cars in the WHG already.  The QMII that followed the limo in the Dallas motorcade was bulletproof.  Ironically, it was also a convertible.  But that is neither here nor there.  FBI Chief Hoover, one of LBJ’s closest friend, lent the new President a bulletproof car for his use.  In addition, there was also the smaller version of SS100X, called the “Shiek II”, or 297X, which was designed for Jackie.  It resembled 100X in almost every aspect [Exhibit 20]. LBJ must have known of this car.  Why didn’t he request to ride in it during the funeral instead of 100X? In addition, surely, this car was as much a candidate to be bulletproofed as 100X? But apparently, it was not even considered.

Thee seemed to be a spirit of so-called ‘objectivity’ that almost seems unreal.  Who in their right mind would want to ride in a car in which their predecessor had been killed, bulletproofed or not?  In case LBJ’s choice in this matter seems ok to you, take a moment to ask yourself just how JFK would have reacted, had he been urged to rebuild a car in which his predecessor had been killed.  I put forth to you that this entire concept of rebuilding the JFK limousine was done to create disinfo in the mind of the public.

I feel queasy in a similar way about the photo of LBJ with Jackie at the swearing in on AF1.[Exhibit 21]  Suppose Jackie had succumbed to pressure from Lady Bird and LBJ and changed her clothes?   Seeing Jackie wearing the white dress from San Antonio that Lady Bird had conveniently set out for her could have negated all that she had just experienced as well as our perception of it.  Did they want Jackie ‘cleaned up’ for the swearing-in photo? To establish the disinfo idea that Jackie was ‘ok’ with it? Thank goodness for Jackie’s tenacity.  “I want them to see what they have done,” she said.  She did.

Little more than a week following the assassination of President Kennedy, a committee was formed of six people representing the Secret Service, Army Materials Research Center, Hess & Eisenhardt and Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company.  Originally, Dr. Eugene Fubini, of Mr. McNarmara’s staff, was put in charge. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara also had a unique connection to the Ford Motor Company.  Prior to being tapped by JFK, Mr. McNamara had been the first non-Ford president of the Ford Motor Company.  The design and introduction of the limo had been facilitated through McNamara. Was it only fitting that the process of getting it out of the way be kept ‘in the family’ so to speak? If anyone wanted to get rid of JFK and actually get away with it, wouldn’t using the limousine have to be at the top of one’s list?  Who else could practically guarantee that the evidence which the limo represented could be completely controlled?

Look at this memo from Mike Davis to Dick Paulson, of FMC – By December 4th a report was being prepared on the ‘bullet proofability’ of SS100X.  [Exhibit 22]

Along with Mr. McNamara’s many other jobs, LBJ tasked him with bulletproofing the limo.  We see this, per a memo of December 6th. [Exhibit 23] By that time it had already been determined that SS100X would be rebuilt rather than a new car, or a different car, being bulletproofed.  Per this memo, GM had also offered to build the White House a bulletproof limo, but that offer was not followed up on. Not only that, but two men from Mr. McNamara’s area, John Barret and Ken Abbot, were included in the assignment.

The plot moves forward

Starting in mid-December 1963 we have a smattering of newspaper articles hinting at the whereabouts of the limo.  All of the articles have about them a sense of something secretive and perhaps even sinister, as though they are reporting information which should not be revealed, while yet revealing it.  A bit odd, one might think, to begin with, but not when they are placed in the proper context.

First, there is a UPI article in the Cincinnatti Post on Tuesday, December 17[Exhibit 24], saying that the limo was in Dearborn Saturday night, December fourteenth, and was to be at H+E “This week”

There is another article [Exhibit 25 ], from a Michigan paper, from the Henry Ford saying on 12-17 that the car arrived the 14th, or Saturday night, to the Experimental Garage in Dearborn. This is, of course, where the car was built and where maintenance was done when it was in Dearborn.  This article claims that an SS agent was with the car.  After researching and checking, no SS agent has stepped up to the plate and acknowledged that they accompanied SS100X out of DC.  So it is my thinking that that “SS agent” was, in fact, Vaughn Ferguson, who said he drove the car to Dearborn and then to H+E.

Thus, all is ‘well and good’, one might think; or is it?  An article by Christie, [Exhibit  26], from the HFM, says, “On December 12th, 100X reached Ohio under a disinfo smokescreen that reported the car stored in Dearborn, MI.  What? How do we weigh and evaluate that information?  If it is true, the newspaper articles represent the so-called

‘smokescreen’ and the car went directly to H+E.

Next, we have an article from the HFM, which states on p 43, of “Three Special Lincolns [Exhibit 27 ] that around December 12th, 100X was delivered to H+E.

How are we supposed to know what really happened? Is it any wonder that there are so many theories about where the limo went?  Not to mention, ‘where’? What was gained by throwing the public off the scent? How about this – that we would spend so much time running around in circles that we would forget that the primary crime scene had just vanished in broad daylight?

Mr. Ferguson told his wife that he drove 100X to Dearborn and H+E in December.  Vaughn Ferguson’s own memo – (yes, the same one the government was trying to keep suppressed when it was sent to me by mistake) – was written on December 18th.[Exhibit] That date, as you can see, is present only in my original copy.  By the time a colleague, had written to NARA requesting a copy of it, having been told it was still being suppressed, he explained that I already had a copy, so they ‘conveniently’ released it–  but in the following format – without the date! {Exhibit 28] This leads me to believe that the date itself must be of significance. Otherwise, why would there be such a ‘sloppy copy job’ done on this unique document?

As we look at the different aspects of this timeline I submit to you what I consider one of the most significant aspects of the cover-up of the assassination – the process involved in getting the limo out of DC and destroying all of the evidence contained within it. The midnight blue of JFK’s limousine became the black rebuilt limousine for LBJ. The primary crime scene had thus vanished forever.  It was called the “D2 – the Quick Fix.  It was that, indeed. All of this was done under the auspices of Robert McNamara, the White House connection to the Ford Motor Company. As a result, 100X was conveniently unavailable for the WC to use in its reenactment in May of 1964.  Instead they used the SS QMII.  It was taller, and had entirely different measurements than 100X, but that was just fine in their eyes.  Apparently all limos look alike.  The reenactment of course, was flawed because of the different measurements and any conclusions unjustified as a result.  [Exhibit 29s ]

They can kill the President in his own limousine – a car that was especially designed for him — front of our eyes, in broad daylight.  They can kill his alleged assassin in front of our eyes, in broad daylight.  They can take the primary crime scene of JFK’s limousine and make it disappear by gutting it down to metal ## rebuild garage while leaving only the frame and then rebuilding it so that it looks completely different.  And then JFK’s successor, the man who may have masterminded this magician’s trick, ordered that the color be changed – he demanded that the Midnight Blue of the rebuild limo be, instead, painted black. How appropriate. [Exhibits – LBJ and limo]

They can even turn JFK’s limo into a spoil for one who benefitted most from the crime of the century. **Rebuilt limo sequence.  They can continue to push the crazy myth of the WCR for fifty years, and still believe the public is deceived.  They can use the big guns of television channels to try to declare once again, victory for the WCR., and who, during these past few weeks, have respun old disinfo from both sides and tried to present it as ‘new’ information to the next generations.  They can throw the biggest money into films and documentaries that troll a conspiracy and then end up back at the doorstep of the WCR.   This is exactly what the ongoing coverup has done for all of these years, and   this is what they will do.  If any of us is tempted to question that, just reflect on what we have just experienced at ‘our’ Dealey Plaza.  Our only hope as dissenters is to band together, to agree-to-disagree, to be inclusive and not exclusive, and to move forward in tandem to give the public the opportunity to decide for themselves what to think!  Not to be bullied by ‘credible people’ to believe a lie.  Nothing less than our freedom is at stake.  I would like to think JFK might have said that himself were he here today.  But what he represented lives on in us and in those in future generations who have the ability to use their minds to think critically on this and every important issue in front of us.  This is the hope of Dallas. In fact, this may be all that we have left.

In closing, I would like to talk again for a moment about the Kennedys and me and my flute playing.  In 1970 I was hurled out of my safe haven in San Francisco and ended up on the doorstep of the Kennedys birthplace near Pearl Street in Brookline, MA.  Gradually, I came to see this as a kind of omen – a connection, between the Kennedys and me and my birth families.  Both families are, in fact, Irish – the McElwains from the North, and the Kennedys from the South. I decided I would play the flute again.  I decided that no matter what happened to me, I would never stop playing. I would never give up again.  Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but today we have with us four living presidents.  Another, President Reagan, was saved from an assassin’s bullets by the SS men’s pushing him behind the door of his Presidential Limousine.

Perhaps, this flute, too, could be part of the hope of Dallas?

[Exhibits — Montage of shots of JFK in SS100X with flute playing in the background}