“SS100X”, my essay on the JFK Presidential Limousine in CAR CRASH CULTURE…

I have decided to do an update to the essay “SS100X”, originally from CAR CRASH CULTURE (Palgrave/Macmillan 2001), which I hope will be posted before too long.  However, in the meantime, there are big chunks of the original version available at Google Books.

While I use my spectacular web skills to create a link that will actually work, you can search on “car crash culture ss100x” at
Google Books https://books.google.com/bkshp?hl=en&tab=pp&authuser=0_


Pamela Brown in INSIDE THE TARGET CAR (Discovery Channel, 2008)

Yes, it’s me. It’s a clip from my interview, done at the Henry Ford, in a discussion of the bubble-top and why it was removed on 11.22.63 prior to the fatal Dallas motorcade.

The “Secret Service man” on the right is actually Nick, the man who owns the gorgeous replica limo. I had a part to play in its being used in ITTC. They taped my interview, then Bob Casey’s (Henry Ford historian) and the crew took the glamour sweep shots of the rebuilt limousine — all done very early in the day, before the Henry Ford was open to the public.

At lunch in the museum, the producer, Bob Erickson, asked me what I would like do do in the afternoon. The choices were to go to the Gerald Ford museum or to try to track down a replica of the Presidential Limousine. After almost choking on my bite of yummy salad I said, “the limo, of course!” And off we went…

I was speechless at my first sight of the car that had been built with the same specs as SS100X and wss in the same configuration that the limo was on 11.22.63. It was exquisite. You can see that for yourself. Close-up, it is truly breathtaking.

As a result of this find, the entire program was revamped to feature this amazing replica limo.

Whitaker used to try to ‘poison the well’ re Ferguson…ef reply…

Unfortunately, Greg seems to have fallen prey to the fallacy of false alternatives.

Also, imo, the ‘poisoning of the well’ was done when the ‘nameless witness’ that later was revealed to be Whitaker was forced onto the JFK research community when those doing this had ample documentation available to them that demonstrated his statements were false.  No one bothered to pony up a single bit of documentation connecting him to the limo in any way.

It is my thinking that this campaign has gone on unchecked in order to ‘poison the well’ against the man who wrote the memo that NARA sent to me by mistake, Vaughn Ferguson.  There is documentation connecting him to the limo in the days following the assassination.  He was the one who took possession of some of the bloody back seat leather.  There are photos of him with the limo.

My logic is this — fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

From my standpoint on the limousine, Horne has driven himself into the pothole that the lies about Whitaker represent.  That is his choice.  But as long as he or anyone is maintaining a false position on a major issue in the assassination it is unrealistic not to anticipate that they will fall into potholes in other areas of their research.

Another reply…Greg just doesn’t seem to get it…:-0

Speak for yourself, Greg.  That was not my intent.

You pointed out a fallacy by using a fallacy.  That is what I pointed out.  I don’t think your position has merit as a result.

At least we agree that everyone should read all that is available and decide for themselves what to think.  I am attempting to provide definition for anyone who chooses to ask questions about the limo issue that I think causes us to have to ask questions about Horne’s credibility on every other issue.

Curious that you seem to have complimented me on ‘bumping’ Doug’s article while failing to pony up a single bit of objective documentation connecting the ‘nameless witness’ to the limo, which is the focus of my criticism.

Greg also seems to be forgetting my position, which is not to tell people what to think, but to give them all the information available and ask that they think things through for themselves.



Evolution of a Press Release photo…for Midnight Blue to Black…

ImageWell, I decided to do a press release for my NID presentation “Midnight Blue to Black:  the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine In Broad Daylight.  No, I haven’t written a press release before.  But I went to a website that has hints and developed one without too much trouble.  And then I chatted with someone from the site, prior to submitting the press release.  It turns out I needed a good photo at the very least.  So, I enlisted the aid of my barn-buddy and great photographer Linda Oliver.  We stalked sites at the Ridgedale Library last Sunday, while she looked for a good background and the best possible light.  She managed to take a number of shots, some of them really worthwhile.  When I went into the shoot, I didn’t know what I wanted.  When I looked at the photos, I did.  I did not want to look giddy, silly, or playful.  I wanted to look…credible.  Since this goes against my native personality, which tends toward the Pythonesque, this is not an easy thing to do.  Just the same, my presentation must be credible, and it must be delivered in a credible manner.  So, yes, the concept was there.  We had already agreed to use a photo of the beautiful Midnight Blue JFK limo on 11.22.63 and inset a photo of the black rebuilt limo from the Henry Ford.  So after I looked at a slew of photos with a lot of possibility, I settled on this one.  Does it say, “you can trust me?  I have this figured out and can explain it to you?”  I hope so.  So here it is, ready to go, with the press release, probably tomorrow…Linda suggested I might need a bodyguard in Dallas because I am so controversial…I happen to think I may need a bodyguard in Dallas because of this wonderful photo…what do you think? 🙂