The Nature of the Ongoing Coverup…EF reply…

It seems to me that there is information that those still pushing the Ongoing Coverup don’t care about.  Then there is information they don’t want the rest of us to have.  One example of that, from my experience, is the Ferguson Memo, which was sent to me by mistake long before they had RIFs when I asked for everything NARA had on the limo.

Prior to the acquisition of the information in the Ferguson Memo there was a great deal of confusion about what happened to the limo once it returned to the White House Garage.  Once I published the Ferguson Memo at my website a tsunami occurred.  Everyone’s pet theory was up for grabs.  Therefore, it seems to me those involved in the Ongoing Coverup use confusion to their advantage.  By refusing to release certain documents which they know would clear up the confusion, they can just let everyone go around in circles, coming up with crazy theories, which they can then point to as evidence of CT ‘looniness’…

When I published the Ferguson Memo, Mr. Marsh went to NARA demanding a copy of it. They refused, saying that it was still being withheld.  Marsh then produced MY copy of the Ferguson Memo and the people at NARA went “whoops.”  So they then had no choice but to release it.  But when they did so, they cut off the date of the memo, which on my copy had been December 18, 1963



Was this just an ‘accident’?  Or part of a deliberate process to encourage confusion?

Another issue is NARA withholding access to documents they have.  When you go to NARA for serious work, you are assigned to one of their people.  They vett you and know what you are looking for.  On one trip I hoped to see the Jim Garrison files, notes, memos, etc, that had just recently been donated to NARA.  I was told that I had not allotted enough time to do so (I had two days) and was denied access to any of the material at that time.  What that said to me was (1) the files had not been ‘gutted’ yet and (2) that they were, in their original state, dynamite.

So, basically, in whichever direction one goes, there will be those sincerely confused and doing their best, and those in-the-know who are trying to withhold information.  Ironically, the more controversy your research generates, perhaps the more on-target it is, especially if you find that people seems to be coming out of the woodwork to try to discredit you…


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